Health Benefits of Truly Clean Organic Tea

Modern science is rapidly catching up to what ancient cultures have long known: That drinking high quality tea (preferably clean tea from clean environments) may have significant health benefits.   In fact, for thousands of years, tea was consumed primarily as a medicinal drink!  

A significant body of credible research suggests that drinking as little as 2-3 cups of tea a day may help stave off some of the more common chronic health issues many Americans face, particularly as it relates to cardiovascular issues and cancers.  In addition to these benefits related to chronic disease, research also points to mental health benefits, including improving alertness, attention, cognition, and memory.

Don’t take our word for it though-  Pour yourself a cup of tea and explore for yourself below the partial list of potential benefits associated with drinking tea, along with links to the referenced studies. 


Overall Longevity

Total Mortality Risk Reduction 1,5  

Cognitive Benefits

Reducing risk of Parkinsons 1

Improved attention and alertness 5

Reducing cognitive orders in older adults 6

Cardiovascular Benefits

Myocardial Infraction 1

Lowering total cholesterol 2,3

Lowering LDL cholesterol 2,3

Reducing risk of heart attacks 1

Lowering blood pressure 2,3

Lowering risk of strokes 1

Lowering risk of coronary artery disease 1


Cancer Benefits

Reduction in gastric cancer 1

Reduction in oral cancer 1

Reduction in esophageal cancer 1

Reduction in lung cancer 1

Reduction in thyroid cancer 1

Reduction in ovarian cancer 1

Reduction in biliary tract cancer 1

Reduction in liver cancer 1


Metabolic Benefits

Reducing risk of type 2 diabetes 1