Electric Tea Kettles and Accessories

If you’re new to tea and wanting to get the most out of the experience, there are a couple of tools we think are essential.  First,  is making sure you’re starting with good clean water.  We’ve tried a number of purification options but have been really impressed with the ZeroWater lineup.  They’re inexpensive, require no plumbing, and deliver fantastic tasting water.   

Here’s an Amazon link to the one we use at home.

Zero Water Filter

The second tool is a good electric kettle that allows you to dial in specific temperatures.   This is important, particularly for green tea as using water that is too hot can make the tea bitter and potentially reduce the efficacy of the antioxidants.   We also prefer kettles with a gooseneck spout as it gives you more control on the pour (less splashing of hot water).   

A good budget option that we’ve used a lot is the Cosori.  It comes with pre-programmed buttons  (white, green, oolong, coffee, black/boil) so you can just hit what you’re drinking and it heats the water to the proper temperature.  It also has a keep warm button.  This product is also available on Amazon.  

Cosori Kettle

If you want a more sleek, stylish option, we’ve also used a lot and like is the Fellow Stagg with good results.  With just one dial on the front, this beautiful and sleek kettle allows you to dial in a specific temperature and also has a stay warm feature.

Stagg Kettle